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John and I have just returned from a very unique trip.  We went to Indonesia for ten days to scuba dive – that was it, nothing else just dive, dive, dive.  It was sooooo great.  Two days of travel left eight full days for diving.  We were able to dive three times a day, a different dive site each time.  Not only that, the first four days were a completely different environment, ecologically speaking, from the second four days.  We went with a dive company which has resorts in two different locations in North Sulawesi:  Bunaken Island which is in the middle of Bunaken National Marine Park off the NW tip of Sulawesi and Lembeh Island where we dove in the Lembeh Straits off of the NE coast of Sulawesi.  Two Fish Divers is a small company by choice, each resort taking a maximum of 20 divers.  Both resorts are self contained and fairly isolated so being there was a little like going to summer camp.  We dived together, ate together, and talked diving nonstop for the whole time we were there.  Heaven. 

Bunaken offers incredible wall diving while Lembeh is famous for its muck diving.  Yes, I said “muck”.  The diving takes place on flattish sandy, mucky, muddy surfaces and in all that muck is . . . well, garbage which has become the homes for many of the amazing creatures found here.  Most muck diving takes place here in SE Asia where there are more marine species than anywhere else in the world; amazing animals rarely seen and virtually unknown to non divers and most avid divers too.  Wall diving is amazingly beautiful but muck diving is utterly fascinating.   The photos you are about to see were all taken during our muck dives because the water was usually calm.  I didn’t bother taking my camera with me for the wall dives because we were usually drifting with the currents and though I’m now up to 80 dives, I didn’t have the confidence to coordinate the camera with my diving skills while moving along at a good clip.

I hope you enjoy the photographs but keep in mind this is a very small sampling of what’s out there and not the weirdest by a long shot.


Written by Jane Estes

September 29, 2011 at 6:42 pm

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  1. Hi Jane, Great article and photos. You are smart to leave you camera behind until you are comfortable taking it on dives, it can be a distraction. Indonesia is high on my go to dive list. Won’t be anytime too soon. I am off to Boston for 5 days in Oct. Looking forward to it. I have only ever been to Vermont and that was to ski. Looking forward to seeing some of that part of the States. We have a car for 3 days, then 3 days in the city. I’m off to Cozumel to dive in Nov. I will want some sun again by then. Generally there are no redeeming qualities to Nov. in Ont. It’s cold nand dreary and too mild to ski. Saw Corrie tonight at a dinner for Sally Armstong, a well known Canadian journalist. She has written a lot about the experiences of women and girls in Afghanistan. It was a great event. Lots of good/short speeches and a decent dinner too. Enjoy your trips and travels. Greetings to John. Cheers, Kathy


    October 1, 2011 at 10:47 am

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